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Minor griefing in the Nether

edited November 2011 in Grievances
We had a small griefing attempt in the nether. Might have been a joke, but I didn't find it very funny.
Basically someone clogged two of the portals (Great Arch Lake and Cathedral) with bricks, so when you teleport you get stuck in the portal until you pickaxe your way out. (Screenshot:
This whole thing happened between 22:00 and 23:59 11.Nov CET. On the server was just me and babouyes, Fragonard and OoMarkLoO. Obviously I suspect none of them, but I think I saw for a moment one of the newbies.

could you please check your records and see who else logged in during this timeframe and if possible see who placed any brick blocks.

I harvested a total of 21 blocks, please check your chests, someone must miss those blocks (or even more).

I've looked around and couldn't see any other damage or signs of griefing, but that was a clear warning to me. Please report any suspicions so we can take measure.


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