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Special map weekend

A special map weekend can be hosted if desired. During that time, we can run a different map temporarily. For instance, in previous 'events weekends' we have played SkyBlock as a group and some other team-based puzzle maps. And some of us have played together on a Hunger Games map.

Heart Attack! -a PVP map.

Dungeon Arena -us vs. mobs.

Tazader City -adventure and explore.

Mazton City -adventure and explore.



  • during this time, when you log into Sitosis, all players will find themselves in a new world. when the event is over, the regular map will be loaded and all your inventory and builds will be the same as you left them. just like vacation irl!
  • I'm really bad at combat. If we go with one of the first two maps I am soooo dead (repeatedly)!
    But I'll probably stop in to check it out anyway. How could I resist?
  • I'm totally on board, but the "when" is the key to my participation. As far as what map, PVP sounds fun, but im cool with whatever.
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    I vote for a hunger games map. Something like this:

    Dude, we should do something like this once every month or even every week. Not necessarily swapping out a map, but we could make some arenas around spawn. Make a new game every map. Do more community things. Otherwise it gets boring.
  • I'd be willing to try either of the adventure maps. I'm more interested in co-op than PvP.

    I do like the idea of PvP/mob battle arenas.
  • Another idea would be one giant creative world of flat sandstone, idk sometimes it's fun to see what people make without material worries. We could build a town in a day or something collaborative. Others could test out different builds etc.
  • I agree with Josh, we must do hunger games pls :)
  • I think doing a weekly or bi-monthly map would be fun, just so we have something to look forward to regularly, and if we miss one event, then there is always the next map.
  • Hunger games is pretty fun, would be killer with all the new people, pun intended.
  • Hi folks,

    my feeling is that I'd prefer if we could somehow have the best of both worlds (I'm a "cake and eat it" sort of guy) - here's my reasoning:

    A big part of what attracted me to this place was the openness - the way that it's explicitly said you're welcome to join in with collective efforts *or* work away by yourself in a corner of the world. I like that a lot and have enjoyed getting to know people a bit through chat, but mostly been working solo...

    I'd hate to be unable to just come in and work a bit on my part of the world because the rules (and the map!) changed at the weekend...

    But equally I'd value the chance to dip in and out of such weekend fun and join in the collaborative building of the map on which we'd have such events.

    So my suggestion is this: could we create a new map when the time's right to go to 1.8, and in that map ring fence a "weekend arena" which exists separately from a looser part of the map on which we're free to work on our own projects? Perhaps it could be reached by portal or by mine cart (or both!) and during the week those who want to build the place can "commute" :)

    Dang, I've made it sound like work!

    Anyway, I'll go with the consensus of the group of course, but that seems like a possible way to have the best of both worlds, in one world!


    Tim (blamelewis)
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    I'm gonna try to resurrect this thread by posting this:

    It's a series of difficult complete-the-monument type maps. Could be a fun weekend project for the server.
  • I read into this and it looks cool. Not entirely sure what the goal is though. Could be fun.
  • Looks cool! I'd love to give it a try.
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    ragecraft? *looking around*
    Did I hear Ragecraft? THE Ragecraft 2 !?
    A big challenge for us! :D

    @asum2, would it work on 1.8? I used 1.7.10 and it seems works best on 1.7.2, according to the link.
  • We can find out. Unless something changed (like how command blocks work) between versions, it should be fine. Stuff that was added shouldn't matter.
  • Tested on 1.8 and it is working, I hope. Go ahead and scare us :D

    Ragecraft 3 might come out in December for 1.8+ and I'm looking forward to play it.
  • I'm open to a special map weekend. If we tried to set up a couple of times to be there that might help.
  • There doesn't seem to be any strong opposition, so, I'm gonna find a time when the server is less likely to be populated and test the map out. If all looks OK, we can explore it this weekend.
  • I'm in. It sounds fun!
  • Tomorrow (Oct. 25th) around 4 AM EST, the Ragecraft 2 map will be made active for the duration of Saturday or the entire weekend max. That is, if everything works fine and there are no glitches.
  • Special map for my birthday, awe you guys :P hehe
  • YAAAAAYwhatisragecraft?
  • Minor addition:

    EST, Eastern Standard Time -> UTC -5
    EDT, Eastern Daylight Time -> UTC -4 (effective until Nov. 2?)

    Special Weekend Map will start around 2014/10/25 8:00 AM UTC (4:00 AM EDT)

    UTC + your local time zone = your local time (+/- daylight time)

    Good luck! Also, happy birthday to pizike82!
  • Uh, we already broke the map. I'm foreseeing trouble for people trying to join in when the button that spawned people into the map actual has stopped working. Guess it was only a one-time thing, and we've spawned back in the beginning room.
    So, yeah.
  • Just tested it - works fine.
  • edited October 2014
    Still broken. Pressed buttons, swam in lava, idling, etc. Nada.
    Did you press the 'start' button without any problem (after we reported)?
  • After myriad reported the broken button, I logged in, killed myself to spawn at the start and pushed the button which teleported me back to the grave as before.
  • edited October 2014
    Turns out spawn protection was on. Removed it and tested it with Worf and it looks OK now.

    Also added a starter kit to the spawn and loot at the beginning of the map as this is mainly a singleplayer map with not many items.

    Keep inventory is also switched on.
  • I'm curious how this special map is working out for everyone else. Mostly, I'm seeing the server offline, or timing out without getting in. Once I got to the starter area, but the rule and objective books were gone and I timed out again before I could try to get to the actual map.
  • Korleonis, I didn't have problems getting on it so far. Missing books? Maybe someone, who was so excited, forgot to return them to the item frames?

    I think you still can push the 'start' button and play. Mobs are screaming for you :)

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