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1.8 Plans!

Alright, so seems people actually want grief protection. (Though, things aren't looking so good on that end). You will notice a new poll; you should vote accordingly. That will be of great help looking forward. So this is something we will, as a community, have to decide. That's all good, but another matter we have to look into is our plans for the new map.

So, what are we going to do on the new map?

I've seen a few suggestions that I'd like to emphasize as they could be something we all enjoy.

Firstly, we talked about having 'special map weekends'. But it seems that not everyone wants to have their projects interrupted. So, someone suggested that we build our own 'arenas'. I think it's a great idea! As a community, we could build hunger games arenas, spleef arenas, etc. all around the spawn. That way, it's accessible for everyone. However, what if others want to use the land around spawn? So that's why we need to discuss this, if we even do intend to do that.

Second, some of us have talked about building towns/villages/cities. While I think it's great (I myself shall get on that), I can already see that some of us have very different ideas than others. So if we could organize ourselves (maybe have a discuss on Mumble at a specified time) before the new map, that would be great. We could even live in different cities. One suggestion of mine would be that we live geographically close to each other if possible. That way we can bridge our settlements to each other, while staying separate.

Also, some people don't want to live in these civilizations. Those who do not may be concerned that we'll take up too much space or the best biomes. That's another reason it's important that we stay relatively close (that is, we don't spread all over the map if possible. Not biome to biome)

Third; coming back to special map weekends, do we want to have weekly events? I think it would be a great idea to keep everyone involved. Sometimes it gets boring working on your project, or maybe you need a break. Or maybe you love PVP/minigame servers but don't want to spend all your time away from your Sitosisian friends. In this case, I think it would be beneficial to create arenas and such so that we can play. But, is it possible that we could swap out the maps? To be less obtrusive, we'd have to do the map changes with less frequency.

That's all I can think of at the moment. Please voice your concerns, comments, and additional suggestions below.

;tdlr want do you want do on the new map?


  • 1. Personally, not interested in special map weekends.

    2. I like the town idea. Designate a few people as a 'zoning committee'; pick a pleasant flat place near spawn, lay out a few major streets and mark off places for some buildings with signs (here's a central square, a city hall, a park, a store, a hotel, a slum, etc.), and mark off residential areas, with lots people can claim. I could see dispersing and initially setting up my country manor, and then coming back to build my town home, maybe contributing to a shop or other commercial building.

    3. Not keen on PVP or minigames, but have no problem with others having some time slots for that.
  • I'm hesitant to have too many rules set up on what can be built where. Towns are great, but to a large extent I feel that they just need a group of people to decide they want to make a town, not necessarily having specified rules for it in the server. I know in some early discussions some people were pretty set on the town or castle looking the way it did in their head, but everyone has different ideas of how things should look. We would want to be careful about that, as having an "official" style could drive people away, but if there is a server sanctioned town without an "official" style then we could get some infighting (Don't build your cobblestone castle next to my pine wood manor, etc).

    Maybe what we could do is just add a new type of claim sigh for town. If someone claims a town then you have to ask for permission to add to it and they can set town rules (no cobblestone or whatever). Could also make it so multiple people have to go in together for the claim to count (like 3 people have to put down town signs near each other, or something like that). Just my two cents on the matter.

    As for the rest, I personally like the idea of PVP times where the server could be set to adventure mode (so no damage could happen) and people could go to town. But I understand a lot of people aren't fans of that since they wouldn't be able to build during that time. Mostly I'm a fan of this because I like building giant fortresses filled with traps :P.
  • all the options! ill take one of each
  • Well, what about command blocks? Can't we just have command blocks to set people to adventure mode in an arena? I think we should use command blocks since they're part of the game.
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    Let me set something straight. If people want to build a town or whatever, it will be their choice. There will NOT be any server rules on what people must do or what project to join or where they must build etc. There will be a map. People are free to pick any place on said map and build what they like, as long as it doesn't interfere with existing land claims.
  • It wasn't server rules that I was talking about. I was talking about that we should be considerate not to take too much map space up. I mean, it's an infinite map, but idk. I think people might get tired of having to travel so far just to find a spot.
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    My comment was mainly in response to @Scou to assure people that they are not forced to do anything.
  • 1. I love the idea of special map weekends, but weekends are difficult days for me to play. You see, I have Active Family Syndrom.

    2. Completely agree with PZ's #2. Oh no, hivemind again. If one wanted to assist in building a western town, join City A at location A,B. If Midieval is your bag, join City B at C,D. If you want to build solo, stake a claim and build away. Really, the cities would just be a collaborative build of like minded folks.

    3. If focus were put on getting a nether rail set up early, then the towns could be far enough away that encroachment would be minimized on non-townies.

  • I'm feeling the same as PZ. Having a town near or at spawn would be pretty nice. The visitor center was a life saver when starting out on this server. It would be pretty cool to expand on that and make it a whole town with lots of services. Aside from the basics like farms, animal fields, mod grinder, enchanting, etc we could setup shops for biome specific materials like flowers, packed ice, clay and sand. It could be a hub for both survivalists and builders.

    I'm not sure yet how I want to contribute yet. I'll probably setup my starter house/mining operations in a biome with an exploitable resource that I can bring back to town.
  • Yeah, no rules. But if someone (a "mayor") made a land claim near spawn and asked nicely that people fill in designated areas with cool creative stuff of their own design, that would be lovely.

    The problem is that we do have a fine tradition of autonomy here, with everyone haring off in their own direction, and putting together a communal construction does require explicit consent.
  • Also, a related problem: if EVERYONE heads off and declares their separate spots a town and invites EVERYONE to join in, NO ONE will. 20 people making 20 towns is a silly proposition.
  • I for one would like to declare the formation of the Dodecahedral Council of Sitosan City States, in anticipation of the new map and it's far spring civilizations.
  • @kagirinai, can we throw the word Philanthropic in there? That is an important aspect for me. ...Council of Philanthropic Sitosan...

    either way, I have stated what I'm interested in (with building s close together-like That's my stylistic preference for this town. but TBH, I'll go with whatever style.

    I do foresee a conflict with underground mining; can we also specify that we 'bottom out' at y11?
  • Now is a good time for any amoral, er, i mean, "Mayoral" candidates to pitch their vision for a city and begin to recruit volunteers to bring that city to life.

    Also, it should be said that volunteering to help build a particular city would not necessarily commit the volunteers (or even the mayors themselves) to working on that city exclusively.

    I think that anyone with a strong desire to lead a city build should start a thread outlining their vision/plan/idea and then supporters can comment and coordinate. That way, when the map is released, a plan is already in place. Or something.

    I, for one, dont have the time, reputation, or desire to lead a city build, but i totally want to help. I will lean towards supporting a non-midieval city formost.
  • I like the idea of building an Arena designated for multyiplayer stuff. I wouldn't always join in on the multiplayer action. But I would here and there. I think the Arena idea is good because it sets it aside from everyone's solo projects.
    I'm kinda waiting to do anything at all on the server right now because I want the 1.8 experience really badly.

    I would also be totally down for a completely new map/fresh start. But I'm kinda noob at NMinecraft and this is my first real project ever. So it is not spectacular. Altho I am kind of proud of it anyway. :)
  • @Fragonard

    I have been playing a 1.8 map on survival single player, and I like your idea of close colorful buildings. Makes me think of the slums in Brazil or something like this

    I've been using wool to make bright colorful buildings, all just really adding on to the last. The roofs become as much of the ground when running back and fourth between the portal room and my smelting room etc.

    I drew this up real quick to illustrate imagine each block a different bright color.

    This style affords us the opportunity to do little or no planning, and just had on to an existing structure like legos.

    I'm not in a jungle area, but this style would look really cool in a jungle/mountain region, I can see bright primary colored modern buildings all stuck together like something out of a Frank Gehry nightmare.
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    Also I make the insides all white wool, so the insides are still nice and cozy, and all have some uniformity.

    clay would be best, but wool is much easier to get and manage.
  • yes, indeed
  • I worry about using wool for fear of it burning. Clay would work for me. I was thinking about setting up my starter home in a flower forest biome. If someone can help provide bone meal I can help provide flowers and dyes. I like the idea of close and colorful. I'm more utilitarian in my approach. I'm willing to take someone else's design and run with it.

    I've been watching a lot of Hermitcraft/Mindcrack server Let's Play videos. They have two very important things. A solid nether hub and a communal place for building supplies.
  • Funny that. Wife and I own a a bit of property in the country and have been thinking of building a small cabin type retreat down there. The design we're thinking about is that (much smaller scale, though)
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    I have a design I invented for growing flowers auto-magically (growing and harvesting) I'll find it on some of my old test maps and post it for you later, too late atm.

    Oh and never had a problem with lightning before, though I hear that can be a thing.
  • If there are gonna be Happy Little Villages of Collaboration and Friendship (HLVCF), then we definitely need an evil fortress nearby with a Villain to rain occasional terror down upon the villagers. Gives a common enemy/cause and will drive people to even grander builds.

    Seriously though, I like your sketch @pizike82. I like close, interconnected buildings/rooms. Would be fun to do towers of various shapes and sizes that connect at multiple levels, but that requires a lot of "empty" building just to get to a good height.
  • I've been losing touch with Vanilla Minecraft, but if next update there was some sort of rhyme or reason to progression, I could dig it.

    The idea of a garish, Lego-like city sounds pretty neat, although asum has a point: some sort of evil coalition might be a great incentive. I've always wanted to lure mobs into a pit only to get them to pick up armour and weapons and then release them upon unsuspecting players to maim and-

    I mean, yeah, sure, my house won't have any sort of basement, what are you talking about.
  • @Fragonard

    From my understanding, the best layer for branch mining is at y12. I tend to make 1x2 tunnels every three blocks to maximize block visibility while being efficient with my tools.

    There's also a pattern I tried once that works similarly, but is designed to expand outward in all four directions without leaving any blocks walled in. It seems that this style could work for a communal mining setup.
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    Well, mining at level 11 makes lava flush with your floor (except the irregular lava lakes, of course). That's what I've been using anyway.
  • You rang? Evil fortress of evil...that sounds like my destiny.
  • @Asum2

    You wouldn't need to build a bunch of empty rooms to accomplish a neat structure, if you break up things you do into different rooms. I.e. enchanting, smelting, sleeping, farming, ect.

    When you combine this with 3+ other people doing the same thing we could have 20+ buildings wrapped around all over the place.

    As you can see here on my napkin... lol

    *This is an auto furnace room I am building in my single survival map. I'm gonna tact this room on to the side of another room already in place.

    The diagonal lines are my interior white wool walls and ceiling, and birch floor. I like interior walls for uniformity, plus it adds to the size while building this way.

    Note: If we build this style in the dessert, there would be no lighting, and no fires. Also the colors would really stand out juxtaposed against the dessert background.
  • Agreed, but I was thinking towers. Like 10 floors.
  • Ah, you can still make it a tower, just stack it more vertical than horizontal, actually going vertical would probably require more room with all the staircases taking up space. Let me do some napkin sketching. hehe

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