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Someone built a secret entrance to my castle

edited September 2014 in Grievances
While mining in my basement just now, I found that someone has built a secret entrance to my castle, along with some other weird stuff. I'm kinda angry that my land claim was violated and freaked out that somebody has been doing stuff in my walls.

The entrance to the secret rooms is in the water next to my castle, where it's almost impossible to see.

There are a bunch of redstone circuits, one of them opens a secret entrance to my basement that is completely invisible from the inside. /

There's even an ender chest.

There's also a weird machine that does nothing but push a cow around. wtf?

The first thing I actually found was this nether portal that is directly above my own nether portal. The corresponding portal in the nether is right above mine too. /

There's a path from this portal in the nether that eventually gets you between the portal to MBobrik's sky spire and the Nethertop ladder. / /

As far as I can tell none of my stuff has been stolen or destroyed so far (except for some of my sugar cane maybe that was mysteriously destroyed one time I came on), but I still don't think this is ok. I would be very happy if the mods could find out who did this and tell them to respect other people's land claims.


  • I admit, it was me. I sorry, but when I saw your huge basement i thought that there is a so much room that a parallel system of secret paths would effortlessly fit in. and any good castle has those. I meant no harm at all. it was all supposed to be discovered only after new map comes and the old one becomes downloadable. Thought that that was just a few days away. and the cow pusher is a player detector. simply mine the stuff away or keep it if you want. I apologize again and promise I won't enter your castle without your permission again.
  • ehm... I AM sorry...
  • Ah, the cuprit was you, MBobrik :D

    I was with Zeck, talking about the secret entrance, after s/he discovered it.
  • Those tinypic links aren't working for me at the moment, but I think I stumbled across this the other day. I built a portal, mined some netherack, and when I came back through the same nether portal I found myself in your basement - wandered around until I found the underwater exit/entrance. Maybe I should have asked what it was about.
  • I lol'ed reading this part

    "There's also a weird machine that does nothing but push a cow around. wtf?"

    Must build one now
  • @MBobrik: Well, I'm glad this mystery was solved so fast and that it wasn't someone with bad intentions. You freaked me out pretty bad but I'll accept your apology. :P
    The reason I found your stuff btw is that you built your portal only 2 blocks away from mine, so I found it when I wanted to make my portal room a bit bigger.
    What's the point of building a player detector under my basement anyway?

    @sheepless: You coudn't have known that it wasn't something I built. No reason to feel guilty.
  • @Zeckenschwarm I just wanted to add some noteboxes to ring a bell each time someone returns through the portal. And I had to build the secret portal close so that its noise is indistinguishable from the original portal:)

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