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Poll Results

Alright, sorry I've been making a bunch of these community discussion threads. I just can't wait to play on Sitosis again :P
I wanted to discuss the poll results.
We have about 59% yes (I guess grouping the yes' are okay), and about 41% for no. There are about 31 votes. I would say 10 or so active members have not yet voted (based on the map vote panel). If you can give them a heads up, that'd be great. Or perhaps I'm wrong.

Anyways, what's the game plan? Are we going to wait until more people vote or you find out more about alternate modding solutions? Not trying to push... though I really am trying to push XP

Sorry :3


  • The forum poll, about what to do, currently indicates that most people (me included, btw) would like to see whether Mojang takes over Bukkit. Maybe wait for the first official news (which probably will come soon, considering all the anxious minecrafters) and then decide based on that news.
  • Erm, I don't think so.
    There's yes, i don't care. or yes, don't let anyone on.
    but the people who voted they don't care can be added to people who voted yes, don't let anyone on.
  • I disagree. I chose the poll questions to better see how strongly people feel about griefing protection and not just YES/NO. There's a difference in "don't need griefing protection at all" and "don't need it on condition of ...". You seem to take the question of not accepting any new players for granted.
  • I have to agree with josh on this one. The majority of people voted yes for a 1.8 map without griefing protection. Sure, we might have to limit or close recruitment but the "Let's wait until we know" isn't most people.

    If some people feel very strongly about waiting then I'm okay with that. It does feel like I'm twiddling away my free time just waiting.
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    I'm not sure if I should butt in on this discussion, but I have to say that you are partly wrong asum2.
    First, I agree that it cannot just be assumed that everyone who voted for the first option would be fine with a closing of registration. We should ask them.
    But your statement "The forum poll, about what to do, currently indicates that most people (me included, btw) would like to see whether Mojang takes over Bukkit." seems plainly wrong, unless you count 37% as 'most'.
  • Maybe another poll. Something simple like "Close recruitment and move to 1.8 without griefing protection." Only yes and no can be selected.

    I'm okay with this not being a democracy too. If any of the servers admins think its best to wait then I can wait.
  • My tone was not meant to be in offence either.
    I had to leave so i didn't have time.

  • I agreed with Jehk27 on another poll with a yes/no choice.

    The problem is: time is running out--older players don't come here often and new players are coming lately. The current polls would become messy and harder to make a decision...

    We (mobs included) don't know the fate of Mojang, Bukkit, Microsoft, etc. yet.

    If the admins prefer to wait, I can wait and won't complain, of course.
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    Ah, OK, I see my error. A wrong choice of words that I didn't pay attention to. What I meant, was that the most popular option on the poll was to wait. But I still can't count the people who chose the "conditional yes" as part of any other group without asking further questions.

    Right now I'm kinda holding on to that waiting option. I hope that we get some good news soon. If not, then it's gonna be vanilla MC without any protection and we just have to deal with it.
  • Waiting is a reasonable choice. There's no hurry.

    But wanting to end the waiting is reasonable, too. A possible compromise: pick a date. We'll wait until Day X, and if there's no new info about Bukkit/whatever, we'll go ahead and make a new map (or wait for confirmed Day Y for release of the tools).
  • Just my two cents: I found the wording on the poll a bit ambiguous. I assumed that "new map, no conditions" should be counted as a proper subset of "new map, closed registration", because you could please both groups simultaneously if you closed registration and started a new map.

    Also, I voted for "wait and see" but I've since changed my opinion to "new map, with closed registration." The sense I've gotten is that Bukkit has changed from a coders' problem to a lawyers' problem, which won't be resolved before the one-month deadline on my patience. Sponge looks promising but, also, unlikely before the end of the month.

    Finally, I'd like to emphasize that I've been really enjoying this server, and will continue to do so regardless. It's good people.
  • I'm feeling a bit of culture shock here. Gamers are disagreeing on the Internet, and they're... doing so... politely? This happens? Damn, I'm gonna make another donation, because whatever you guys have got going on here, it's working.
  • We're a pretty reasonable bunch; clearly. Everyone wants the new content, most of us are interested in a new map, and I think all of us WANT the protection we've enjoyed under Bukkit, but most of us think that we can trust each other in a closed sandbox until there's a reliable method, new or old, to vet newcomers. I think that all goes pretty uniformly for the group.

    To me it seems like a question of: Do we want to start a new map right now, despite the lowered protections; or, do we want to wait (until day X) to see if everything is sorted out first?

    I know I haven't been on much in the last two weeks, partly because of work, but also because of the impending update -- what time I have been spending in Minecraft has been in Creative, playing with new designs and planning out how I'd like to approach a fresh map. (Hint, I'm thinking "Large Scale", lots of preplanning.)

    I can't imagine I'm alone, either. I want to get back to building with everyone, but I'm not interested in putting the final touches on a map I will only open again to show to other people.
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    Perhaps we need a new fancy poll, where we rank the options in favorite to least favorite. (Known as the Alternative Vote) Then, even though we know that 35% (Most) want to wait, 61% want to move to a new map, even if they are split into two smaller categories.

    So really, most of us want a new map and update. (And I doubt that everyone who wants to wait is deathly against updating now.)

    This is a matter of whether we want protection for our next map. I don't we don't need to worry about griefers. I saw this brought up a few days ago, and, though I can't find it, it was a good point. We rarely get griefed since we're a whitelist and vanilla server. The small risk that we may have to take shouldn't keep us from a new map.
  • We are discussing some options to mitigate griefing in a pure vanilla setting.

    - Close recruitment
    - Update/re-make whitelist*
    - Educate everyone about map rollbacks (when necessary)**
    - Store valuables in secret chest hidden away.

    *It's never been cleaned up and is fairly large.

    **If there is grief on the scale where we would rollback the entire map, everyone would loose everything done since this event occurred, usually no more than a day. We only had to do this a few times before, but be prepared to accept this inconvenience if it should happen.
  • I move that we should clean up the whitelist first of all. IF it's not an incredible amount of work. Don't want to put a bunch of work on the admins.

    Is it possible to send a letter to everyone's emails and if they don't reply within 2 weeks, delete them from the whitelist. Keep a backup of the old whitelist so you don't have to make players who missed the deadline re-register. Just look them up in the old list.

    Is that more difficult than it sounds?

    If we do clean up the whitelist, it'll mean less of an undertaking later on when we would want to do it. Also, it'll prevent the chance of a griefer getting on the server. Sometimes people give their accounts away when they stop playing MC, or their siblings use their account. Or maybe their account gets hacked and they don't notice because they don't play MC anymore... Idk, for various reasons, it may be worthwhile.

    Is there anyone against the idea?
    And again, @asum2, i did not mean any offence by what i said. i was terse because i had to leave for class. I simply thought that you could combine all the yes' and all the no's. If that's not your intent then, okay.

    Also, storing items in ender chests is the safest way to prevent theft. Unless of course, someone hacks your account like me. Make sure you don't leave a profile on your "friends" computer.
  • I've gone back through Sitosis's forums to the beginning, and I did see various "role Calls" to determine who was still active. Perhaps it's time for one now?
  • We are going to have a sort of roll call for active accounts, will be posted in the forums and on the server soon for a given amount of time.
  • We could simply move everyone on the existing white list in to a grey list, so anyone who has been a member is automatically reapproved if they want to come back; the new white list could probably be populated by users who logged in during the last 1 to 3 months, for an accurate list. Rollcall would work, too, but some people might miss it.
  • Well if they missed the roll call they would eventually come back to the forums, and they could just ask for a re-whitelist. Anyone previously banned is also banned from the forums, so the forum access is kinda like a grey list if you like.
  • no roll call, no new polls, no redoing whitelist, we're closing applications in anticipation of a transition to 1.8.
  • Does that mean we'll change to a new map as soon as possible? If so, in which timeframe might this transition be anticipated? :)
  • The transition to 1.8 is on its way.
    See this thread please.
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