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I have recently read that you are lacking admins with the Linux server access... I think I could help. I am very experienced in Linux and think I could help. If you consider it, please install ssh. Thank you.


  • edited September 2014
    I would also like to make some contributions on the administrative side. Specifically, I'm interested in working on improving the Minecraft Overviewer. If I get some green light of sorts, I'll begin studying its API. I just want to add a few more POI icons which I think would be a welcome addition. Perhaps I could even make an add-on script to help players mark claims

    Not to advertise another server, but here's an example:

    I'd also like to help deal with registrations. Though that's not a problem currently.
  • I'd like to help with registrations. I have a custum-made program that runs a full background check, and previews the skin for inapropriate articles.(swears, private parts, ect.) but it is still in EARLY early alpha. It states tnt ignighted, number of mods(on average) installed, server admin privliges, ect. but it cant state redstone-activated tnt and if server admin privs are hacked. that is how i would deal with it, but i cant run it full.


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