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Microsoft is indeed buying Mojang

Read about it here:

In other news, I will be returning to Sitosis soon.


  • On the bright side, we might have more and more improvements and updates happen faster.
  • Sad times, hopefully they will have little involvement in everything related to the game.
  • I am honestly surprised. (That it's true, that is.) The reasoning is unsurprising.

    Microsoft is capable of being a good steward for the company and game; we might even see both benefits. Personally, I hope this means that somebody is going to get to finishing 0x10c.
  • There are strong feelings on both sides, and I suppose it is because we all feel personally invested in Mojang and Minecraft. Many of us have been beating its drum since Infdev, Alpha, and Secret Fridays. I can say that of all the companies that could afford to purchase Mojang, Microsoft is one of the least appalling.

    Totally unrelated: We'll be switching to Bing maps for the overviewer.
  • I do not think this is bad news. Running a company that manages the kind of revenue Mojang manages is hard, and the current people at the top of Mojang (particularly Notch) have demonstrated that they are bad at it. Microsoft has a lot of opportunity to use its experience and clout to make Minecraft a lot better for the community.
  • pz has a blogpost about it, looking at the history of Bungie pre Microsoft... My fear is that Minecraft narrows platform as happened with Bungie's output, leaving us Mac users high and dry...
  • @quickfix
    You're so right... It could have been Facebook instead.

    Some people use Macs? How strange...
    : )
  • @zero2cx
    I happen to be one of them. Switched from Microsoft (not just Windows) and haven't looked back.
    In any case, I do hope Microsoft doesn't drop OS X support. I could stand dealing with less Windows these days. I only have it installed for college, then I'm erasing Windows as fast as possible.
  • edited September 2014
    I'm a little disturbed that Linux isn't even mentioned in the list of platforms they promise to continue supporting. One of the things I like about minecraft is that I don't have to dig out another computer, but I can play it on the Linux machine, which is my primary machine.

    Oh, and I don't even have a windows machine, either at home or work. Haven't for many years.
  • Well I assume when they say PC, they are including Linux-based OS'. But maybe not. I mean, are they just going to port the whole game or leave it in Java?
  • The Linux port is as different from the windows port as the OSX port is. Actually, if anything, the OSX port is closer to the Linux one.

    There's quite a bit of work in the ports, but it's "just" the graphics rendering code.
  • It's all speculation right now. An advantage that Minecraft has that Halo et al did not is that it is already built on Java, which is cross-platform by default. If MS wants to close its portability, it would be by moving the codebase to a different environment, rather than just discontinuing Mac or linux development.

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