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Welcome to scenic Innsmouth!

Overworld: (500, -200)
Nether: (65, -15)

Try the fish!


  • So, I move that we enact PZ's idea of a Land Grab. For anyone who didn't see it, the idea is that each person is allowed 64 fence and a few signs (bring your own) and can fence off any area in or near Innsmouth that's not already claimed. Place a 3-wide strip of gravel to indicate preferred road placement. Building can then proceed at each person's own pace, while hopefully getting sort of an organic city plan, as opposed to a rigidly defined grid, as so often happens in Minecraft.

    Would it be best to schedule it for a crowded time, for maximum crazitude, or a sparse time so it happens at a more measured pace? Also, I don't actually know what the most crowded times are. I'm guessing weekends, when North America and Europe are both awake (sorry WorfChama, sorry Aussies n' Kiwis), but that's just theory. I'm typically on around UTC 1900-00 on weekdays, and there've been like 8-10 people on usually.

    Just to start the conversation, I move we schedule it to start at Sunday, 9/21, UTC 1700 (noon, east coast of North America.) It can be ongoing after that.
  • Whee! Everyone on at once!

    Although, I don't think it's critical to be there first. The idea of limiting it to what you can wall up with 64 fences should be sufficient to prevent some monopolist from grabbing up everything -- and I'm sure everyone will agree that it would be a more interesting city with more diversity.
  • In link form:

    So all of the green patch in the middle...
  • Will the eastern half be dedicated to the cathedral, or will Bishop Blobby tolerate secular building there?
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    What about above fenceline overhang?

    I recommend that we limit any overhang to 2 or 3 blocks maximum, unless it is overhanging previously claimed space. In which case, it would be 0 overhang.

    Or, if your neighbor agrees, you can overhang each other as much as you both like.

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    I plan on a few courtyards around the building, as well as a cemetery (or some catacombs underneath) around it. 20~30 blocks away should leave room for expansion. I don't mean to monopolize such a large area, but I must follow God's will for the land.
  • thy will be done, on earth as it is in Innsmouth
  • Father Dagon has rewarded the faithful! Eat of his fish and drink of his salt and thou shalt be rewarded a thousand times over!

    Also, found a Stronghold under Innsmouth. Thought you ought to know.
  • should there be a Town Square defined before the land grab? I think it'd be nice to have a bit of green space and define the center of town, so people can make informed decisions about how crowded of a neighborhood they want.
  • I have the quartz for my fountain design. It may be a little big. The fountain itself takes a 7x7 area. Add in 3 block wide roads around it and that becomes a 13x13 area. I'm not sure if that'll fit in the area with have now.

    Also. The more I think about it the more I realize that fragonard's roads are a really good idea. I've never worked on a project this large before. It's hard to know where I can start.
  • Hey, is there a nether path from Innsmouth to any of the several clay mesa biomes on the map? That would be a very handy way to access some of those resources.
  • mrsslats has a mesa biome is right outside his portal. Getting there is a bit of an adventure. The coords in the nether are 217x -64z. In the nether, take the east path from Innsmouth. There's a line of torches/cobbblestone leading there to his portal.

    How much clay do you need? If its not too much I can pick some up for you while I'm getting some for myself.
  • Jehk27, Mrs Slats is a 'her'. ;)
  • Oh yeah. More then one letter s there. My bad.
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    Operation Feed the Town:

    Would my functional chicken house be welcome in Innsmouth? It's primary goal is to dispense chickens slowly and automatically throughout the day. Ensuring a steady supply of baby chickens. I plan to use all Quartz and clay so it will be nice materials. I can always build it else where if you don't want it disrupting the skyline and or dealing with wild chickens.
    *With bonus shot of Asum's place from my tower.

    For those interested in the redstone, the egg > funnel > comparator sees an item in the funnel > gives charge > repeater used to amplify signal and slow it down around to dispenser.

    (so whatever goes in the dispenser gets shot out basically)

    edit: and yes eggs fly out of it's butt
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    Why not to go full autofarm, like the one I had in the previous map - no player action (except keeping the chunks loaded) and cooked chicken and feathers come out sorted.
    It was also pretty compact 7x7x7.
  • Sounds like a lovely idea to me. And then we can just feel free to slaughter any chickens we encounter. Blood and mayhem!
  • @MBobrik I've made fully automated chicken cookers and sorters, it's fun to make but boring after your finished. This is aesthetically amusing, serves a purpose, and has a bit of randomness to it.

    @PZMyers that's the plan, I'll let the zoning commissioner determine where to put it. Eggs come out behind it about 20-25 blocks.

    I'm about there on materials, just some more quartz and it can go up pretty quick.
  • omg zike you are amazing! hahaah I love this. seriously one of the best electricians out there. I can make a recommendation for the location (near the Windmill area south of the Innsmouth Botanical Gardens). That seems to have developed as a rural area, but theres plenty of land around so I'd welcome it wherever.

    Maybe we could position it so the eggs splat onto PZMyers windows. Just because :D
  • haha, OK I'll take a look tonight
  • Still have some yard beautification to do, but if anyone needs some chicken snacks, feel free to come slaughter a few chickens.
  • I love it. I appreciate its location too.
  • Is there still land for grabs in or on the outskirts of the town?

    Although I'm still building my mountain fortress, Zero's railway makes it an easy commute distance from my fortress to Innsmouth via the Nether and I quite fancy an apartment in town for when I get bored with shovelling snow.
  • the island the warehouses are on is available until i build something else there. First come first serve, just like any good Victorian/Edwardian era businessman.

    cheap apartments can often be found in warehouse/industrial districts. :)
  • There should always be room at the edge of town, unless the town has some kind of size limit I'm unaware of.
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    Out of Town and want a city residence? Overlooking the banks of a tributary to Manuxet River, Proper Apartments can be found.

    Some vacancies are still available. Visit us soon to check out the available options.
  • Those look a bit upscale. For those on a budget, who want the homely hovel atmosphere, check out SLUMCO TENEMENTS, where you won't pay an arm and a leg. No more than one limb, guaranteed.
  • I'm (slowly) working on a railway coming up from the south. Looks like a straight run will bring it to the south-western edge of the community. When I get up there I will terminate it a little further south so I don't encroach on any development. Any issue with that plan?
  • I'd like to build some coastal fortifications onto Innsmouth, sort of behind the town hall. I was wondering, would anyone mind if I encroached onto that island just to the north, with the farming? I think it's Wavefinder's but I'm not sure. Ideally, I'd like to take the farms out entirely and put a forbidding stone edifice on that island, and kind of reaching out to it from the mainland. I can compromise if that'll bug anyone, though.
  • Since tree farming for all of Innsmouth is extremely time consuming, I've made my tree farm available through nether travel for anyone to use. Just follow the signs from the Innsmouth portal. The chest by the farm should always be stocked with saplings, and feel free to replace/add more axes. :)

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