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Jobs Wall

This is a post for advirtising sirvices in sitosis. Now you dont have to spam "Buy My Potions, I will Mine for recources, Trading postnow opened!" and stuff like that. Check this if in need of sirvices or workers.


  • BBS: Brandon's Brewing Shop.
    Brewing Done RIGHT!
  • I opened a little shop in Innsmouth selling (for now) glowstone dust, gunpowder, glass bottles and sugar.
    You can find it right next to the clocktower.
  • There's also a wool & dye shop near the town square. Mostly wool, so far. Hopefully, it can act like an extension of the community chests on the dock: take a wool, leave a wool.
  • How do we handle trading? I don't mind people visiting my gold farm and collecting while waiting. But If I wanted to trade gold?

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