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Nether will be rolled back on 22 Sep to 21 Sep status due to corrupted/missing chunks.

Will let you know when complete :D


  • Lets all Blame Lewis
  • Hey, there's also a missing chunk in the overworld by the jungle, close to -35k, -17k.
  • Also, when I signed on this morning I appeared back in the jungle again, and the missing chunk contains my portal. I can't get back :( Help!
  • I'm stuck there too. seems we will have to get to civilization on foot.
  • and judging from the map overviewer the corrupted jungle chunks have been replaced with another biome. so much for map preservation...
  • nether has been rolledback to 21 Sep 8am EST. inform an admin if there are any more issues.
    Thanks for your patience while it was offline!
  • the missing chunks were in the overworld too. and one took out the portal to the nether. could we just get teleported to spawn as a part of damage repair ?
  • PM me, FRAG and zike while you're online and someone should be able to help. Chances are greater after the work hours (i.e. after 8 PM EST).
  • So, I was just visiting the nether (2 weeks later or so) and I ran into a similar problem to this one, I think. My game crashed and when I sign back into Sitosis it instantly crashes again. Can anyone else confirm a messed-up nether chunk, just east of Innsmouth portal? I'm standing right where the eastern bridge from Innsmouth's portal hits netherrack, near a nether wort farm.
  • Went there, everything seemed fine. If it persist, we'll investigate further.

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