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Sitosis Mumble chat server

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I recently added a new poll, asking for your opinion on Mumble voice chat. The reason for this is the approaching expiration date of our Mumble service subscription. The chat option used to be quite popular, but now the server sits idle and just costs money. I figured that most of the new players weren't even aware of this option and before cancelling the subscription, I wanted to get the community's thoughts.

So, do you care about voice chat or should we discontinue it?


  • I've voted "I don't care" but I'm not as indifferent as that sounds :) I haven't used the mumble chat and probably won't.
  • I do have plans to use it at some point. It should be very useful for communication when trying to cooperate on something in the game. Just didn't get around to it yet. I was also thinking since we're doing the Innsmouth thing on this map it might be fun/useful. Of course, this all relies on the assumption that other people would use it as well. :)
  • I'd like to keep it. I wish it was more of a thing. The mumble server was a big draw for me. How much is it per month? I'm willing to donate some money.

    If I wasn't playing Minecraft I'd probably be playing an online game with a subscription. That money can go to helping improve the server.
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    It's quite cheap - about $20 per year. I just happened to look at the usage statistics the other day (one person logging in per month) and didn't see a reason to pay even that low amount. I'll be happy to keep the service if it gets used. One of the reasons for this thread was to raise awareness and potentially add active users.
  • I hadn't thought of the scenario when you might have your hands full fighting off zombie hordes... I guess that persuades me of the use of it! Can I change my vote? :)
  • Coo. I'd be happy to donate $20. It's just nice to have around when I want to play and chat with my RL buddy Filouza.
  • I would use it if I had a proper mic.
  • I never use it, but $20 a year isn't bad at all. I'd say keep it and post info on it to all the new members.
  • I like voice chat for gaming. Unfortunately I don't have a mic/headset for my PC, or I would chat with you guys. When it comes to gaming with no voice chat, Kor Leonis and myself always use Xbox' "Party chat". Obviously not everyone has an Xbox. Thought I'd mention it because it is free.
  • I'd like to try it. But, my voice is weird and I'm shy.
  • I urge people to at least try it out. Get a cheap headset - it will work fine. Shy about your accent around those brits and americans? Just start by listening in, chances are you'll be soon talking up a storm. We are a mature and friendly crowd here (regardless of age), no need to worry about some obnoxious teen ruining the fun (and if there is one, they will get swiftly booted).

    The upcoming dragon slaying party will be a perfect time to test this out.

    And don't worry about the conversation moving entirely from text chat to voice (if voice is not your thing). Previous experience has shown that both will be used and friends who want to talk to each other will pick an option.

    Also, you can create private channels on Mumble. So, if you're just building with your buddy, you can have your own conversation, separate from the main channel.
  • I will give it a try and install it on friday.
  • There are network effects here, certainly I popped in a couple of times before failing to bother after seeing it wasn't active. It sounds cheap enough that keeping it around isn't a severe imposition, which is nice.
  • OK, based on this thread and the current status of the poll, I'm gonna renew the subscription in October for another year.
  • I'm a little shy too. I can be very awkward in voice chat. But I'll look at Mumble and think about it. My headset is collecting dust.
  • throw your insecurities to the wind! well I find it liberating a s a way to get to know other players on another level. your call. there is a text to speech function...
  • I installed it, tried it, no one else was using it, so I spent a few minutes talking to myself. The conversation was delightful, setting a very high bar for any convocation in which you other people join.
  • I just installed it and connected. Was there alone too. Maybe today evening's dragon hunt will be a better opportunity to see how many people will join.
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    I tried it, too. But the echos of silence overwhelmed my delicate senses.

    Also, my office/gaming room and my occupied guest room are the same thing. At night i, generally, will not be able to use it. Special occasions and lunch time being the exceptions.

    Really looking forward to tonight to try it out!
  • I've used voice servers in games before. They're good even if you don't talk -- put on your earphones and listen when everyone else yells "DUCK!"
  • I'll probably be away from the server until thursday or friday, but I plan on installing the mumble thingy as soon as possible when I get back. Hopefully people will keep checking the mumble chat from time to time and maybe there will be a domino effect.
  • If people are going to use it. I may join in as well. This means finding a headset for myself, though.
  • I'm going to go look for my headset, too. Then you can all enjoy (sic) my dreadful german accent. :)
  • I bought a headset a couple of days ago specifically to join in on this. The real challenge now is to see if I can get it all hooked up properly (I'm a bit computer-illiterate).

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