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Minecraft Overviewer

So, the latest Overviewer was released. But, I don't want to add to the increasing overhead the admins are already facing. Can I help in any way?

Like many of the members of this server, I am a programmer. I don't do python, usually. But know one, you know them all. I would be happy to help configure the Overviewer if someone would let me. Even if I had to pre-prepare the configurations and have someone else apply them after reviewing it.

I would like to discuss adding some new Markers. Among these are bridges, mountains, towers, mines, and towns. Of course, I would love to do the work required to supply these. I also have experience maintaining a Minecraft server and practice safe habits (backups, etc.). Will you permit me to help in this way?

Also, please contribute suggestions for POI icons that you'd like to see. If at all. I know some don't want more POI icons.

Last of all, what about 'last activity' markers that mark where players last stood. Do these cause any overhead? Are they desired?

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