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The Innsmouth Playhouse is open for tours

edited September 2014 in News and Announcements
Light work at the site continues, mainly on the exterior. Gotta blend in a bit better, maybe. I don't know.

P.S. Don't miss the backstage area. Schedule your audition with the playhouse director (just kidding).


  • It is a really nice build. Good job, zero.
  • When is the first show? Will you be preforming a classic, or writing your own?
  • First preformance is the Defiant Chicken

  • You know, I would actually consider watching people put on a live stage show in Minecraft, with or without mumble. That could be incredibly meta.
  • I agree with Kag. The idea of a performance in game is like me and my buddy "Mission Controlling" in Kerbal Space Program. So much role-playing fun it hurts the embarassment zone in my heart. :) Mumble or no mumble.
  • Wait someone else plays KSP? I thought I was all alone.
  • I played early alpha, really liked it and wanted to buy the pre-release or whatever it was called then. But there was some BS where they wanted me to jump through burning hoops just to give them money and I walked away.
  • edited October 2014
    I would jump through burning hoops man, it's fantastic. And the scale of it is mind numbing. I might fire it back up after my certification test, haven't played in a while.

    edit: Asum it's on Steam, shouldn't be to hard to pay for now.
  • I love KSP. The scope of this game is mind numbing. And yes, it is on Steam now and will be easy to attain. Lots of modders coming up with great ideas. Personally I'm more of a Vanilla kind of guy, until I thrash the game in it's vanilla state.
    "uhhhh, Lander Lion, you are go for trans Duna injection... main engine ignition in, t- 3m 30s."
    "Copy that, mission control. Preparing main engine ignition checklist."
    (I have a lot of love for this game)

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