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Having a Spleef contest! Prizes! ENDED

Hello everyone! I'll be holding a contest soon (not sure when, that depends on how many people will join in) to give away some of my spare items! The game will be Spleef, and the location will most likely be Innsmouth.

Prizes will be the following items: 5 saddles - 2 Gold Horse armors - Iron Horse armor - Diamond horse armor - Enchanted book (Fire Aspect 1) - Enchanted book (Protection, Power, Efficiency IV), Enchanted book (Sharpness III, Projectile Protection IV, Aqua Affinity I) - Enchanted book (Projectile Protection IV)

Anyone can sign up, so feel free to! For those who don't know what Spleef is, follow this link here. Details on the contest are still being worked on. If you'd like to help or have suggestions, talk to me ingame or here!


Sorry guys, there was very little interest in this. Game's been called off. Might give the junk away ingame, who knows.


  • Sounds like fun
  • I want in, But if iwin any i call dibs on a sattle!
  • Sounds like fun! I don't suppose anyone has found any Jungle tree saplings that might make a good prize?
  • @mudge80 I have yet to find a jungle. I saw a tree planted somewhere near spawn with cocoa pod farming near it, but not sure where.
  • it was in innsmouth but had to go because people were building there. I'm going to replant it a little further away.
  • I would be interested in playing. I may even have some thing I can contribute for prizes as well.

    If it's fun enough in the future maybe we can all show up to the game with something and contribute to a prize pot? Like everyone bring a diamond, or 16 iron or something. 1st place gets 3/4 of the loot and 2nd place gets the rest?
  • @mudge I was actually thinking of calling it off today because of how few entries there were. Was gonna just give a few people saddles/horse armor who wanted them instead lol. Maybe there will be a contest someday later, but I doubt I'd host it.

    I've actually been too busy played 2 other games to even get online to start work on the Spleef stadium. So I guess that kinda worked in my favor!
  • edited October 2014
    If more publicity is needed, I can next time set up the in-game messages advertising to go and check out a relevant forum thread. Past has shown that most players don't go to the forum very often.
  • Only the coolest players visit the forums
  • @asum2 I suppose that would work (I advertised a bit but no one said anything if I remember right) so I guess I can give it maybe another 3 days and see. I want to have at least 6 people playing preferably.
  • I'd be interested in playing, but it depends on when it takes place. I have limited opportunities to play right now, so I can't commit without a datetime.
  • @Greydog
    Wait, it was on the 4th? I clearly missed something here. Where was the date and details other than the prized posted?

    Some advance notice and planning is a good idea.
  • @mudge I hadn't decided on a date and this was somewhat of a post to see if people wanted a game to be planned. Not many people seem interested, so I might not actually schedule anything.

    Also I've been kinda busy outside of Minecraft so I haven't been on to advertise or even build the stadium yet.
  • edited October 2014
    @Greydog Once you have some idea of what design you want for the build, I can help with materials or whatever else you would like.

    If it is raw materials that you can use from me, then maybe you can place a sign next to a chest and I can start filling it for you. :)
  • @Greydog
    You can check with me for materials too. I've been stockpiling a lot of things I don't have a need for.
  • @zero2cx @mudge I think I might need more, but I have a 2 chests of blocks in my home, we'll have to see!

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