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BATTLESHIP!!, the playable board game is now functional and open for public usage. It still needs some kinks worked out and a few more features added involving redstone but the Game itself is ready to be played and all the pieces are there.

Kor Leonis and I have started a gaming park of sorts located at-> with BATTLESHIP!! being the first addition.

Anyone is welcome to grab a friend and come down and play at any time.

You can simply walk, ride a pig to the location or hit the rail line located in our Nether Portal Access Building located at -> It's only a quick jog through the nether to our portal station. Pathway in the nether is lit and ready to follow.

Play fair and enjoy! :D

EDIT: 1 - Official Battleship Rules --- >>
EDIT: 2 - Doesn't change the gameplay, but now has a leaderboard and spectator/referee "VIP skybox" (if you want or need a ref)


  • Looks nice, going to have to come check this out
  • edited October 2014
    Feel free. Only the beautification and mob proofing kinks to work on still.

    EDIT:1 Beautification and mob-proofing completed
  • Additional attractions: 1km railway loop for my fellow achievement hunters, complete with sweet ramping action! Runs right past the Battleship!! board.

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