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South Greenline terminal and the Great Southern Railway

edited November 2014 in Community Discussions
I am ready to complete my Southern railway into Innsmouth and I would like to terminate it at the south Greenline station. I don't know who is working on this project, but I was wondering if I can connect it directly with the end line. Either that or add another connection.

The railway runs from a public terminal in the basement of my house at the edge of the southern desert straight up to Innsmouth. Nice long scenic ride.

I'll hold construction until I get the OK.


  • What are you line's coords ?
    Depending on location, you may connect to the green line 'Barbarian fort' station at 432x80x135
    Or if you are much further west, you may join with the unfinished blue line that currently ends at 430x53x50, but is planned to go at least to 430x53x100
    On the eastern side, there is blue line 'Deep' station with coords 702x53x-48
  • Oh, I see your rail right now, we will have to add a T junction, because the green line was originally intended to go Pizike82'
  • Btw. your track is unsecured around z 1100-1250 a creeper fell on me when I was trying to get other two creepers off the track. I repaired the damage, but...
  • I know. Plans were to complete it then improve it, including enclosing it. I'm gathering resources for that now. Thanks.
  • I see that you created the T-junction outside the fort and connected my line. Thank you very much, Mbobrik. I am now starting to gather resources to enclose the Southern Line. I may post in Innsmouth for some help top speed things along. I'm going to use glass and stone bricks.

    Thanks again for your help.

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