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Innsmouth: Plot Purchaces

I have noticed that almost all plots in sitosis are self-managed. I was thinking about people having a way to make a "Plot Managing" system. people buy plots (using iron, gold, diamond, and emerald) to manage. what i mean is while someone "owns" the plot as a manager, while the original owners do the actual "building." I see it as organizing the city, more enforcement on the building laws. if you have any ideas or complaints about the system, please contact {sound made when adults talk in charlie brown}. Seriously though, put that stuff below.


  • what role would the manager play in enforcing? and what are the building laws
  • the manager would basically enforce laws for constructing (see below) in Innsmouth and keep plots more set in location.

    As for laws, those will be determined in this discussion and in the "Innsmouth" and "land claims" discussions.

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