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Minecraft Bugging Out With Forge

Note: I will also be posting this on Minecraft Forums, Hypixel, and The Hive, with more detail on what happened on there end of the error.

I have been trying to get on sitosis using the most recent forge version for 1.8.0. all I have installed is OpDefine, which was fine when I last checked. I am getting errors when I tried to connect. It did let me on, but the error warned me saying that it was a vanilla server. I got off.
This is also happening on other servers. Hypixel wouldn't let me out of "The Limbo," and The Hive said something about IP Routing and BungeeCord Config and BLABLABLA. Anyone know what is happening, Sitosis side, Hypixel side, Client side, ETC, pls tell me.

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