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The server was updated to 1.12 and a new map generated.
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1.9 has been released!

Get hyped! :)

Haven't played any of the snapshots/prereleases - gonna try it out now!


  • Well there goes my hope for a decent night's sleep tonight.
  • I just tried it for the first time in creative. Holy crap, the elytra is rare. On SSP, not really a biggie but on multiplayer eek :(

    Not a big deal for me though since I can't seem to get the hang ;) of it anyway.

    I really really like the Hardcore Spectator after death thing, though.
  • 2 things I found thus far:

    - Mob crushers don't seem to work anymore, when the pistons retract the mobs get pulled and stay stuck in the blocks that were crushing them.

    - There are naturally generated villager zombie spawners now, but they seem to work exactly like normal zombie spawners (as in, they mostly spawn normal zombies).
  • The landscape in that vid is awesome!
    Is that a new biome type or just some changes to the settings?
  • I heard a rumor we would be upgrading and resetting the world. Is that still on? I'm in the mood for a bit of minecraft...
  • dmcgibbon - That's a custom world the video guy had created to make flying easier. Not a generic world though.

    bduga - Should be incoming this week sometime. New map fun whoo hoo.
  • Is there a plan for when the upgrade will occur?
  • @EJ

    Whenever asum can find the time, I assume. :) Sometime this week, hopefully.
  • I keep telling Asum to just give up real life work and plant a bunch of wheat. :P
  • Wheat? He should just build a gold farm. All money problems solved. :)
  • If only real life were this simple :)
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