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The server was updated to 1.12 and a new map generated.
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Update request to 1.10

Want new mobs. :-) Map can stay the same.


  • I want magma and bone blocks. :)
  • I want red netherbrick! :D I've been stockpiling netherwart with eager anticipation.

    It's been a month now--any hope for an update happening soon?
  • *Banging one of Admins' doors*

    *chanting* 1.10.2! 1.10.2! We wanna new blocks and tease new mobs!

  • You woke me up!
    Done. The server is 1.10 now.
    I logged in and everything looks fine to me. Let me know if something doesn't work.
  • Quit banging on my door, trying to sleep... dang kids :P
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