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The server was updated to 1.12 and a new map generated.
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Re-open Applications and Advertise the Server

While the map is still relatively new, we should advertise for new players. I remember I found this server through r/mcservers quite a few years ago. It would be nice to get a couple more people on in the evenings, especially for when stuff starts to slow down after a map becomes old.


  • I agree, but don't you think that there are a whole lot of people on the whitelist for a 20 player server?

  • This evening there was only 3 people online. Most of the whitelist consists of inactive players. The land claim thread only has 9 claims. While not every active user has posted there, it's a pretty good indication of how many regulars are playing right now.

  • Isn't it still an issue? Maybe if we can clear out any inactive players?

  • Grief protection is still an issue, have they built any new tools to roll back damage etc.? I ask because I've been away for a bit.

    Currently we are super Vanilla with no protection besides rolling back the entire server. This is why the application process is on a "limited" basis. That being said if you personally have a friend, we will let them play here. But accepting unknown people is a bit risky, because people suck hehe.

  • Sponge looks promising, though I admit I've also been away for a bit (4-5 years counts as "a bit" right?)

    It looks like there are a number of anti-grief plugins to choose from. Only thing I can't say for sure is if it adds anything else on top of vanilla Minecraft besides the plugin API.

  • we could ask PZ to make a call on his blog again. That's how I found out about it and we got a pretty good crop of people then.

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