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Are people still actively playing?

I just started playing again after being absent for a few weeks and it seems very quiet. Are people still actively playing?


  • I'll admit I've been on a bit of a hiatus lately, but I haven't abandoned the place entirely--just a couple of days ago I was clearing a few trees from in front of my mansion. I also saw Mempo online then. I didn't see mph, but he's always been an active member, and I assume he still is.
    Right now I'm mainly waiting for the server to update to 1.12 so I can play around with the new concrete blocks--I've been stockpiling gravel in anticipation. And of course, I hope to add a parrot room to the mansion! :)

  • I've been popping in to work on my floating islands project and it's been pretty lonely.

  • I'm on now and then, but it's rare to see someone else on now. Server's been pretty quiet.

  • I am on every now and again to check things. Also waiting for 1.12.

  • Seems too quiet here. Are many of you out there waiting for 1.12 on Sitosis?

  • A more likely culprit is summer. I know my own evenings are busier these days, and it's hard to find quiet time to play.

  • Yup. Waiting for 1.12.

  • edited July 28

    Seems like there are a couple people, including me, are looking forward to a 1.12 update. Haven't seen Asum online in a while, someone want to message him and let him know to update?

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