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THEMED HOTEL CREATION! Request a room and theme before the 13/12/11!

edited December 2011 in General
Those who have not posted to this thread will receive no room whatsoever, and those who specify no theme will recieve no theme.


  • Where is this place? And what is the overall theme of the hotel? :)
  • edited December 2011
    i want room with a airship theme if possible
  • request for an ocean themed room. beautiful sandy beaches, sunny days when it's warm and the days are long, pebbles, shells, sandals, teenie bikinis, hot dudes playing frisbee and getting all sweaty...
  • request for a underground room if possible
  • Horror themed room!
  • Oh well, if everybody is doing it, then a lab please. With a cute female lab assistant if possible.
  • I dont have a house so id like a room with a nether theme please
  • I also want one of those cute female lab assistants in my horror themed room...
  • if possible, could i have redstone contraption room? if not, then just no particular theme
  • I would like a diamond themed room please. If you could just make the whole thing from diamond blocks that would be the best.
  • I WANT ROOM could it be cozy and warm themes
  • well, what the heck - I want a cloud themed room, i.e. everything should be snow-white and cloud-like :)
  • Fantastic guys! These'll be put in as soon as the basics are finished!
  • Due to some land contrictions the hotel will now be more of a crazy village.
  • So a small crazy village on a deseased dirt mushroom deseasy cancer ridden island, sounds great!
  • so how is the construction going. what is this, the Big Dig?
  • also, RE traskius, i wish i could like comments, hahah
  • Katan, if you need help or want to add redstone to anything to make it more awesome, just let me know. Gives me something to do, hahahaa.
  • Sensory deprivation room. Where will this be?
  • ohh good one. would that be a small dark room filled with water?
    sorry to report, however, that this hotel (which never came to fruition anyway) was on the last map.

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