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The server was updated to 1.12 and a new map generated.
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Plans for 1.13 Aquatic Update

So the 1.13 update is going to be arriving soon as the release date is between April-June. I've been waiting for the update to start playing again. It looks like one of the largest updates ever with new structures, new terrain and dozens of new blocks and creatures.

I know this was a topic of debate when this current map was started. It's usually preferred for maps to age out at a minimum one year, otherwise it tends to discourage big, long-term building. It looks like the corners of the map are still unexplored and able to generate new chunks.

Anyone know the plan whether it is to keep the existing map or even updating to 1.13?


  • It would be nice to update the map if we could. Any idea what that will do to the existing chunks or if it's even possible?

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    It's possible. Since terrain generation is changing, it'll most likely cause chunk errors in any new chunks. Which isn't a big issue, the terrain just won't flow perfectly throughout the entire map, rather abruptly change. Like so:

    I guess it depends what the community prefers. It would be nice to have a new map for this particular update, but at the same time it would be quite sad to see some of these amazing builds end. Especially considering that this map is only ~4 months old at this point.

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    Hello Scrounge - long time no see.
    I would prefer not to have chunk errors such as shown above. Though I have not finished my main project I would have no objections to us starting a new map if most members prefer it.

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    I'd actually be excited for a full map reset. I know it's been less than a year, but I think it would be good for the server and a good time to make a fresh recruitment pitch for more players, as well. I've been itching to help build up a new server map from scratch. If someone really objects then maybe not. 1.13 may still be several weeks/months away, in any case.

  • I think a new map might help get some new people, and I really want to see the new blocks. I would agree and say go for it.

  • I'm all in for this.

  • My one regret would be the loss of Blobby's Sky Ring. That thing really deserves a few months of playtime.
    But since he seems okay with it, sure, I'm up for a new map. Besides, 1.13 may still be a few months away--it's a big update

  • According to Mojang's announcement's, it's scheduled for release before June 20th (end of Q2). Although, no exact date is set. It could take longer.

    The sky ring is amazing. I still haven't stopped by but definitely will. It's always sad to see big creations halt when a new map starts.

  • We're starting a discussion about this on the Discord server Blobby set up. Reposting here what I said in there:

    "I mean, I wouldn't lose anything super valuable. One one hand, I kind of regret making my house pretty far out of the way, but on the other I did enjoy having a feeling of being out on my own in the world while also having support from you guys if I needed (which I totally have)."

    I joined up on the 1.12 map pretty late-you guys had already established a lot of trackwork for minecarts to make getting around super easy and getting help super easy. You also had a fortress found and The End already taken care of/made into an exp mine. I love being a part of that kind of exploration and community work. If we decide to reset the map, you can count on me to help out with whatever construction will be done to bring that back.

  • I'd go with a full map reset. The aquatic stuff radically changes the nature of the game, and it would color what and how we build.

  • I'm in for a map reset, too! I'm very interested in the new stuff.

  • I'm on the fence about the new map. Although I'd like to finish my base, I am also interested in trying out the upcoming features. It sounds like people will be more active on a fresh map with 1.13 running, and I'd consider that a plus.

  • I can see the benefit of having more people playing and if fresh map is what it takes that's fine. But to be honest the idea of reset so soon really takes the wind out of my sails given where I'm at with what I was building.

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    It's wonderful to see that some of the new members stuck around to be long-term. PZ did an amazing job advertising and finding quality people. Players tend to get bored and cycle on and off so having a fairly large base is important for the life of any server.

    I agree a reset is definitely not ideal in terms of this map. Usually each map lasts in excess of a year, depending on the updates. Having one only last a potential 4-5 months isn't a good precedent for this kind of server. At the same time, it felt like a reboot was needed in February as the server had grown very quiet.

    I personally think it would be best to update with 1.13 because I want to experience all of the new update features on sitosis and hopefully see some old faces rejoin for the same reason as well, although I don't want to push my opinion as I've been absent and am not very invested in this current map. I can imagine being disappointed had the map before this one been reset this early.

  • I'm deffo still down for a map reset but I also note that the current snapshot taxes my computer pretty bad - had to turn graphics way down. Hopefully this won't be a problem at release but anyone who hasn't loaded the current snapshot should probably do so and see how it affects their setup. It might change your opinion on a map reset right at launch, as opposed to a few bugfixes/patches later. There are **always **patches.

  • I had the same issue. Got quite laggy when generating chunks for oceans and jungles. Apparently that’s been fixed in the newest snapshots.

    I do agree it would be best to wait a little while and see how the update is received / how buggy it is before having everyone jump on.

    Perhaps I was a tad eager with this thread. Just very excited for the 1.13 release. I’m loving all the new additions.

  • Despite just really getting my base going, the Update Aquatic is amazing! I have played the snapshots in Solo, and I love the look and new mobs. Expect for those drowned zombies that keep throwing tridents at me. I would vote for the update, and look to relocate near water this time.

  • I am not opposed to a new map by any stretch.

  • I've been messing around on the pre-release. The new additions look lovely. This is where I spawned. Swamps in particular seem a lot more... well swampy.

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