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The server was updated to 1.12 and a new map generated.
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Map the World! (community project)

While we wait for an on-line map to be available, I thought it would be nice to have a big map wall either at spawn or by the nether hub, to give a general idea where everything is.
A temporary map wall has been set up at spawn, and players are invited to help fill it in. At the moment a 4x4 grid is being set up, I'll expand it if this project is successful. Each map shows an area about 1000 blocks to a side, so it's okay if a panel takes a few trips to complete.
If you'd like to help with the mapping, just take one of the map panels and go explore the area it belongs to. I'd suggest taking only one panel at a time, and returning the panel to the wall before you log out. With everyone helping, the map should be finished quickly, and we can decide where to put it. :smile:

P.S. The panels are labeled to make replacing them easier. It's a little distracting when viewing the big map, but don't worry, the labels can be removed later.


  • Is overviewer available for 1.13 now?

    Looking on the website, it looks like was last updated July 30th

  • I can't really tell. Maybe? This thread seems to be the one to follow. I have no expertise at all in computer science or coding, so I can't figure out if there's a working version. It sort of sounds like it, though.

    In the meantime I'll check out the map wall!

  • It is currently being worked on, not out yet as far as I can see.

  • It's still WIP. There are some hacks out there that take a long time to render, but nothing official.

    I did find an offline map renderer (i.e. I have to download map files and manually do it). I did some tests and it seems to work well. It reveals the entire world though. So, after seeing the map, there wouldn't really be much exploration left to be done, except for villages and such. Would you like me to upload that map?

  • Is it possible to limit the distance that it renders?

  • In the same MR that @cowslaw posted, it looks like some limited form of overviewer support is available if you're willing to try that.

  • I'd tentatively vote no on the full map reveal, but I'm fine being outvoted if people just want a map already.

  • The best aspect of the map was being able to plot down signs to mark and know where everything and everyone was.

    That and seeing yours and others building progress.

    I'm fine with waiting out until overviewer properly updates. I don't think a pre-rendered map will give us much.

  • Let's wait then until Overviewer matures and has reasonable performance that doesn't impact the server.
    In the meanwhile, if you come across something else that looks like it might work, let me know and I'll take a look.

  • Development of Minecraft Overviewer for 1.13 is progressing very slowly.
    I found a windows version of Minecraft Overviewer for 1.13 on Github (via the link Cowslaw gave earlier in this thread). I tried it out on a small test world and it mostly works. Some blocks are not rendered correctly and it is slow. This version is about a month old now (couldn't find a newer version).
    Out of curiosity I have just started rendering a copy of the Innsmouth world (MC 1.8) that I had converted to 1.13.
    Overviewer says:
    2018-10-10 09:41:54 Welcome to Minecraft Overviewer!
    2018-10-10 09:41:54 Generating textures...
    2018-10-10 09:42:00 Preprocessing...
    2018-10-10 09:43:28 Rendered 0 of 237926. 0% complete. ETA: ------
    2018-10-10 09:43:48 Rendered 11 of 237926. 0% complete. ETA: 120h 18m 55s
    2018-10-10 09:59:46 Rendered 2474 of 237926. 1% complete. ETA: 25h 51m 10s
    2018-10-10 10:15:00 Rendered 4804 of 237926. 2% complete. ETA: 25h 29m 54s
    2018-10-10 10:31:11 Rendered 7334 of 237926. 3% complete. ETA: 25h 00m 03s

    (As seen above the ETA for rendering decreases faster than real time for a while before settling down.

  • Any news on this? Inquiring minds and all that.

  • It was updated on the 18th of November, so maybe it's working now?

  • Just tried generating an overview of a new world, using the build mentioned here.

    It was fairly slow, but it did produce a completely functional result, though I did not test it by placing any of the new blocks. Either way, the original PR has yet to be pulled into the repo and there is a handful of new PRs open, including several issues regarding the new file names. The last commit to the 1.13 branch was on November 26, so it's hard to even estimate when it will be finished. :cry:

  • edited January 9

    At least there is some progress. It's a good sign. Thanks for attempting it cowslaw!

  • I haven't got it to spawn yet but here's an 8x5+ map I've been collecting from the area around my home (-1333, 7939)

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