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Recent bans

edited February 2012 in Grievances
Those who were online on Sunday, might know that iphone3gsme and Awesome5567 were banned. This post is meant to clear things up and give a record of what happened and how it was handled.

A complaint was made by bradythebuilder, who discovered that some of his items were stolen, with chest access log implicating iphone3gsme. Considering how iphone3gsme answered those charges and that he was also one of the suspects for diamond theft from Rudism's place, the decision was made to ban him with the possibility for appeal.

His friend Awesome5567 objected the ban and finally left the server with some rude remarks and a request to ban him too. His request was promptly granted.

As the evidence was circumstantial against iphone3gsme and Awesome5567 decided to leave himself, they will not be added to the public ban list.


  • Lol stealing thing from rudi's place xD not very bright
  • edited December 2011
    I know right? All we do is touch stuff when nobody is looking.
  • The wealth from the house will be distributed accordingly, right? I think the gold theft is for all the powered mine tracks that were there
  • There's no hard and fast rule for distribution of materials from banned players. It's usually a first come, first serve type situation.
  • A week ago I sent a private message to the main victim of this theft asking for the list of materials stolen. I was thinking about compensations or at the very least giving him the first pick of the loot. However, I still haven't received an answer and I don't see any point in further waiting. So I propose we make an announcement allowing anyone to take or do whatever they want.

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