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Asking people to sleep or log

edited February 2012 in Grievances
I see this happening a lot, and am starting to find it kind of obnoxious. Especially when there are like 6 or 7 players on doing their own thing. Please try to keep in mind that the game doesn't revolve around whatever you're doing at the time. If you don't like the fact that Minecraft has day and night cycles, you probably shouldn't be playing on a vanilla server--there are plugins out there that can reset the time at regular intervals and create servers that live in perpetual daylight that you may find more enjoyable.

I've seen a number of people doing this, so this isn't directed at any specific person. Maybe I'm overreacting, though. What does everyone else think?


  • Fair point, yes I do ask people to sleep/relog, but only when there is 2/3 people online, I will try to keep myself from asking people to relog.
  • Like I said, not directed at any one person since lots of people do it. I just think it can be disruptive to other players experience in the game in an annoying way. It's not even just the asking, but maybe the way people ask. ("Is everyone near a bed, by chance?" versus "SLEEP OR LOG OFF ZZZZZZZZZ").

    Plus isn't the most fun part of building stuff watching it get half destroyed by creepers all night long and then having to rebuild everything a second time the next day? :D
  • Exactly - it's not that people ask, it's that some *expect* you to comply. If it's not disrupting my current activity, I'm more than happy to oblige, but the attitude of "you better have a damn good reason for not sleeping/logging" is irritating.
  • haha yeah, if im underground digging and someone gives me a buncha uppercase Zs i tell them to suck a fat one or if im two drinks in and feeling nice i may say 'sorry im tunneling'.
    but it doesn't bother me since ive never experienced someone being rude like that. what did you do in that case, being the admin and all. how do you handle such a situation?
  • Rudism, as I see your point about having the fun of rebuild everything twice, it does get annoying. Especially when you are working with redstone. I was build a 3x3 door for our castle and my redstone got blown up at least twice. After awhile you basically rage quit to were you don't work on it anymore or you just wait awhile to go back to doing whatever it was you were doing. Luckily I finished the project but it does get annoying. I'm not saying to do it every time you're working on something but as Frag said, its easier when only 2-3 people are on.
  • No, no one has been directly rude; I think our community is too nice for anything like that. I was just describing the general attitude I've seen on a few occasions (I'm not talking about any particular person here).

    I usually ignore such requests if they seem unreasonable at that particular time (i.e. many people online, lots of minecrafting going on) and hope that the person understands that other players have their own things to do. If they keep pestering, I just politely say that I'm busy at the moment.

    And yes, some ethanol will shift the being-nice-lever up a notch, so that I'm more inclined to oblige, even if it's rather inconvenient for me :P . This, however, doesn't mean "get Asum drunk - diamonds for everyone!". You are welcome to try though ;) .

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