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Server has been upgraded to 1.8

I've completed the 1.8 update and the server is back online. I didn't do any seeding or level vetting, but I did check out the new map and spawn seems a lot more inviting than the last map (heavily forested area with a pumpkin patch by a lake). Go have some fun!

I'll be following up this post with a list of newly whitelisted players who have applied for forum accounts over the last two weeks, and I'll be adding a link to the old map on the website shortly.


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    Newly whitelisted players:

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    I updated to the latest version of overviewer and re-generated the server map.

    A final backup of the old map, taken immediately after taking the server offline prior to generating the new map, is now available here. RIP old world, welcome new world!

    Also, due to popular demand, I've now added a "Home" link to the top of the forum pages that will take you back to the main site.
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    There is some crazy awesome stuff going on right near spawn on the new map.

  • flipping awesome cant wait to get building
  • I've built a little dirt hut near spawn for safety, as I logged on on the top of a small hill at night surrounded by zombies :P
  • Thanks for whitelisting me, I'll have tons of fun on this server!
  • hay rudism the server is down
  • It should be back now. Took a while for me to get all the messages because I was at lunch and then in meetings all afternoon. Fun fun.

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