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Griefing on the server

edited February 2012 in Grievances
I am playing on the server and there is a lot of griefing, an admin should get on the server immediatly. Unless this griefing already happened and I did not know about it.


  • Someone messed up my house really bad, I took care of some of it so if you find block changes by me or BootyPiper just ignore those, but if you find any from another person around my house let me know I guess.
  • edited January 2012
    Logs show BootyPiper setting fires at your place and also at several other places on the map. He has been banned. This happened around 5:30 PM EST and several people have since logged on. So, a possibility of a rollback depends on two things:
    * Do people affected by this want/need a rollback i.e. how serious is the damage?
    * Are those who have logged on since that time willing to lose their work due to a rollback?

    Please voice your opinions below.

    Also, I would like to remind all, that in case of griefing, send a PM to all the admins (Inbox -> Start a New Conversation, recipients: Rudism, reopru, asum2). This sends instant notifications to us and there's a good chance that at least one of us is able to respond quickly.

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