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Minecraft Map Voting.(used to be "New Year=New Map?")

I was thinking
With the /vote system down, I thought we could have a new map starting Jan. 1st, 2015. This gives new and old players the same status and lets everyone have a real experience, as most players have gotten the most out of their minecraft world.


EDIT: This forum is now a temp. voting system.


  • Have you determined this by actually speaking to most players? I saw you online for ten minutes yesterday and all you said was 'hello'.

    I'll admit I'm not very fast at accomplishing things, but I do keep a steady pace and after three months I'm finally in a position to start doing some interesting things. I've spent the past few days building a slime farm and was hoping to play around with bounce pads for a bit. I'm a little resentful that someone who doesn't know me very well should declare that I've gotten the most out of this world and should go back to gathering grass seeds to keep from starving.

    Of course if the majority want to go with a new map I'm fine with that, as I learn a little more with each fresh start. But please, could we have a months notice for such a change, rather than five brief days?
  • I'm only half-way done with my house, but I haven't been able to be on much for a few months due to finishing my thesis. I'd rather not lose all my progress so soon after a map has been made, and I'm sure many others feel the same way.
  • This is a good forum for discussion. Fret not @ProLoafer and all, as of now there is no plan to change the map.
    With the radio button vote system down, as Brandon said, this is a good place to get everyone's "vote".
  • OK, so currently there is not much talk supporting this. but as a vote system, I will leave this opened. I, for 1, want a new map, but lets let more people talk.
  • I would expect people to actually build some stuff on this map before moving on to a new map. :p

    I know I'm exaggerating, but frankly I haven't seen many people online lately. Just saying, if you're not building anything on this map, what makes you think you'd build anything on the next map? I've seen a lot of people say they've been busy lately, but presumably a map reset wouldn't make them any less busy. There's still plenty of room for land claims on the current map. Still plenty of stuff to build. New ideas could easily be realized on this map.

    Like ProLoafer said, some of us enjoy working on bigger projects. In Minecraft survival mode, that stuff takes a lot of time. I for one would like to keep working on my giant build until there's a good reason to reset the map. (I suppose a proper vote would count as a good reason.) There are also no new updates or any such reasons to wait for a new map. Everything you could find on the new map can also be found on this map, except you'd lose all progress.

    TL;DR: I vote No.
  • For what it's worth, I also vote for no map reset at this time.

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