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Sitosis Music Thread.

People! Post some music for us to listen to while we mine! (If you want to)


  • I have a wide range of stuff that I listen to while I play:

    Marcus Schossow - Tone Diary Podcast
    Rooster Teeth Podcast
    I like to listen to minecraft Let's Plays (Guude, VintageBeef, Pauseunpause, Nebris)
    I also have a full playlist of songs that I listen too also:
    -Linkin Park
    -Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    -Red Hot Chili Pepper
    -Tyler Ward
    -3 Doors Down
    -009 Sound System
    -Hush Sound
    -and songs from animes that I like

    Hahaha, yea, I never like to have a quiet moment when I play xD
  • i agree with your gorillaz, adele and some killers suggestion.
    i am always plugged into LastFM Mumford and Sons Radio (i love folk music, it is my soul).
  • -Flogging Molly
    -The Real McKenzies
    -Dropkick Murphys
    -Blind Guardian
    -Led Zeppelin
    -The Beatles
  • -M83
    -Fleet Foxes
    -Killers 'Chill Show'
    +tons of random stuff on shuffle
  • would allow us to create a group playlist. i started messing around with it and added a buncha songs from suggested artists.
  • "Due to licensing restrictions, some or all tracks may be unavailable for playback in your country."

  • I just listen to justin bieber's "baby" over and over again, even when Im asleep

  • I mostly listen to obscure (in America, at least) metal bands.
  • Primus
    David Bowie
  • I like the built in music:
    Do my own lyrics on top of it, lol
  • playlist updated.
  • Yes

    For listening while mining prog. rock is the best =3


  • Nevermore
    Amon Amarth
    Devin Townsend/Strapping Young Lad
    Orphaned Land
    Nocturnal Rites
    King Diamond
    Dream Theater
    Blind Guardian
    In Flames (only their first 4-5 albums before they turned to shit)

    For those times when nothing but a bit of insanely progressive riffs will do:
    Chimp Spanner
    Animals as Leaders

    I also listen to a lot of random chiptune albums and Bluegrass stuff.

    I started using my account recently to scrobble everything I'm listening to in case anybody wants to musically-stalk me.
  • Monster Magnet, space lord...most awesomeness everywhere

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