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It seems like as people are getting started, people are looking for things they don't have or do not feel like looking for it. So I was thinking that we just set up a trading thread for it. You post here of what you want and your location and people can look to see if they have it or get it for you and work out a deal.

I am looking for around 5-6 stacks of wool and I don't have any sheep near me. If any one could get me this amount of wool I would be very happy. I can pay by diamonds, iron redstone, gold, golden apples, really anything. I just dont have sheep and would really like that wool. Thanks


  • what does one stack equal? 64 blocks?
  • I just did the math and i actually need 8 stacks (1 stack=64 wool) of wool. As stated above i can pay how ever you want, just would really appreciate it. I don't need it like right away but it is par of a project and i would very much like it if someone could get this for me.
  • i have millions of sheep around and no diamonds found yet, I have 3 stacks of wool so far but it would probably only take me about 30 mins to collect the rest. 1 stack of wool per 1 diamond sound good?
  • I too have wool and will make a far better offer than pizike ;P hehe
  • Bayta, do you by any chance live close to me (the blue tower is mine), I kinda have a notion that you do? Because I would be interested in a good deal for wool.
  • Wool for sale - please contact me, have loads of it!
  • So we have 3 offers for wool already, good. I'm in market for let's say 10 stacks for now, probably much more later. What would each of you want in return?
  • I could use a ton of wood ill pay in gold.
  • I made the trade with Piz. But if anyone wants to continue using this thread for trading, go ahead.
  • And I already got some wool.
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    Looking for 3 slime balls.

    *edit* never mind, got some when i went caving
  • I need as much cobblestone as I can get. I'll pay 2 gold ingots per chest full of cobblestone. Willing to meet at spawn for the transaction or you can drop it off at my house found at x=600, z=-237 on the world map.
  • As of now i am selling blaze rods i have over a stack of them.
    If u want any pm me in game.
  • im looking for blazerods
  • Hey guys, I am hollowing out a huge lake down to diamond level and then going to star strip mining in it. But while I'm hollowing it out, I am getting a ton of cobble and you need it, it is free for the taking, i am starting on my 3rd double chest full of cobble. The cords are 1616, 1400.
  • hello i am looking for odd jobs to do. ny valuabl, iron, gold, damonds, will be elcome payment.
    srry about spelling m cmputer keyboad is acting wird
  • hello. i forget who asked me for clay but i have a stack and a half of bricks an around three stacks of clay.
  • edit i have 5 and a halk stacks of bricks
    who asked for them?
  • It could've been me, but I already have enough myself. Thanks for the offer though!
  • i found out who it was.
  • I have mountains of spider eye if any of you potion makers want it. 3 iron per stack sound fair?
  • That sounds good to me, I need them for my instant dmg potions for my chicken lab
  • looking for coffee beans or a (live) brown sheepie...
  • I can provide brown sheepie.
    But what will you give me back?
  • i am updating my request to Looking for Glowstone.
    reo, i will still buy the sheepie. i have a variety of goods (spider eye, gunpowder, wood, iron gold diamond, redstone; etc) or can do labor for a set period of time.
  • this is my current enchantment stock
    Diamond sword - Sharpness 2
    Diamond sword - knockback 1
    Iron boots - Projectile protection III
    3 Iron Picks - Unbreaking 2
    Iron Sword - Sharpness 2
    Bow - Punch 1
    Iron Sword - bane of arthropods 3
    2 Iron pick - Efficency 2
    Iron Helm - Blast protection 2
    Leather Helm - Blast protection 3
  • We meaning rockser11 and I really need any spare dirt and cobblestone, we have some valubles and enchanted weapons that i could trade if you have anything. Especially massive quantities of dirt that would be much appreciated.
  • oh nooooooo! i just dumped a chest full of dirt! you can still have the other chest full though.
  • ill take it trade me next time were both on!

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