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More stealing

edited March 2012 in Grievances
Sorry for lack of specifics on this one, but it looks like somebody nabbed 2-ish stacks of wood and 14 diamonds out of chests at -126, 33 sometime over the weekend.

It would seem that I might be wise to secret some chests somewhere.


  • edited March 2012
    What's the y-coord? I'm not seeing any chest accesses at -126,64,33

    Edit: scratch that, I found it. Is there anyone who would legitimately have been accessing that chest? There are two people who were in there over the weekend.
  • edited March 2012
    Scratch that last question too... I'm pretty sure DHodde is the thief. He's only ever logged on once on Sunday, poked around in a few chests, and logged off with the following inventory:

    I think it's reasonably safe to say he didn't mine all of that stuff legit in 20 minutes. He's been banned. Next time you see an admin online you can ask for your items to be compensated.

    It looks like other people are probably missing some stuff that this guy took too, so if that's you let an admin know.
  • Hey Rud, would it be possible to list the cords or general areas of the chests that he looked in. Some of the items people may or may not have notice were gone and would atleast make sure that they would be able to look and check. This is just to insure that everyone gets their stolen items back.
  • Here's his chest activity. I think it is mostly in and around the spawn portal village:
  • I vote that we not ban theifs, but rather build a large lava pit obsidean tower with viewing windows, and have rudy write some program that will spawn thier IP address into said pit :P
  • or maybe player operated fire charged machine gun dispensers, I already have the design :P
  • edited March 2012
    Funny you should say this. Someone proposed to me yesterday that we should make a prison. I told him to submit a fleshed out idea to the admins as a PM.
  • nice, i can draw up a proposal as well, i just dont know if its possible to spawn certain players/ip addresses to a certain locations.
  • Best prison? 6 blocks of bedrock is all we need.
  • It's probably possible with plugins. Not very vanilla-y though.
  • Exactly. Besides, the only reason anybody would hang out in our prison is to spam the chat. Otherwise, if they were banned, they would leave or if it's a temp ban, they would just stay away until they are allowed in again.
  • I guess the novelty would wear off soon ;)

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