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  • Impressive! Nice work.
  • I recommend getting your cracked version of Minecraft from a site called Mojang. It costs about $30 but the crackers are really good, it'll connect to any server.
  • I'm sorry, I thought I was done but there's still more rant left in me. You can't just take something as beautiful, mysterious, and elegant as Warp 10 and say it infects you with a preposterous un-scientific load of horseshit like REVERSE EVOLUTION…
  • Okay, you want to talk about Voyager, let's talk about Voyager. The year is 1996, the day, 26th of January. This is the initial air date of the 15th episode of the second season of Star Trek Voyager. Allow us to quickly recap the plot of said episod…
  • You sound like my kind of dude. F@$#! the new Star Trek movies... TOS and TNG 4 EVAR!!!! Seriously though, the new movies are an abomination. Even Voyager at least stayed within Star Trek canon. I can't believe they basically called mulligan on the…
  • Jburt97, welcome to le server