About Sitosis Minecraft

This is a private survival MineCraft server. Here at Sitosis we are looking to build a community of mature Minecraft players who share a common interest in a server that abides by the following general precepts:

Technical Details

Thanks to generous financial contributions from several players in the Sitosis community, Sitosis is able to provide a high-performance dedicated Minecraft server to its players.

Online Since2024-02-01
Server RAM12.0 GB
Max Players20
Backups12 hours

We do our best to minimize down-time due to server crashes and other technical issues, and because we employ few plugins, we are able to keep up to date with the latest releases of Minecraft without lengthy delays waiting for a lot of mods to play catch-up first.

Map resets are only performed after community votes, warnings are always given on the forum well in advance, and old maps are provided as downloads to players who wish to relive the glory days of the past on their own single player games.

Applying for Membership

Sitosis Minecraft has three application states that it can be in at any given time. The current state can be seen at the top of this site.

New Player Guides

Special Signs

There are a few special types of signs that players can create on the server map by including a special code in the sign text:

Forum posts

Simple Voice Chat

Sitosis Minecraft uses Simple Voice Chat to provide in-game voice chat. No configuration should be necessary on the client side. Installing that plugin is not mandatory, vanilla clients can connect fine to the server and we do not demand our players have it installed.

Reporting Abuse

The following users have administrator privileges on the server and may be able to help you out:

Archive of prior maps

Sitosis has been around for quite a few years, and had a fair number of maps. Here are all the ones we currently have available:


Last updated: 2021-07-28
SHA256: f3f8d3b4b919b42a5dac6e2f6fbd8f3afacdf8aecac181f77ee599bdddf6e681
seed: 482087234788510557


Last updated: 2021-12-04
SHA256: 598859c3bce8c2dbbc39c46a8b08cd3735bfffdffec74da63369962b13b7d21b
seed: -475353769499673381


Last updated: 2024-02-07
SHA256: beb0faf5679f76a2e127d1daa708b97101811fe67e7274b58f98601d578ee35a
seed: 3859331018638732181

If you have copies of other maps that are not listed here, get in contact with the administrators.

2017 Fundraiser

The 2017 Fundraiser is officially under way. The main goal this year is to keep the same level of service we've had for the past year. $350 will pay for the current 3 GB VPS (virtual private server) for another year.

I've seeded us with $50 to get us going, the rest is up to you guys!

Current Progress


You can contribute via PayPal using the button below. The progress meter doesn't automatically update, but it will be manually adjusted after receiving any contributions. Please also give your in-game name when you contribute. Thank you!